Well, Bathrooms

Today was eaten up by inquiries into the regulations and best practices as apply to identity bathroom usage at NC International Airports as opposed to International airports of other nations.

I ended up at this of my websites because of a twitter teaser about poetry, here in poetry month, while I continue to identify as a poet.

At least two of me to be one of me and maybe three,

It we go with Freud and the Ego, Id and Super Ego.  Was talking this over with my wife the day before yesterday.

I was bi before I got married.  It worked since no woman wants a guy who needs it.  A man is not attractive who needs sex.  Sometimes when unavailable for women temporarily I had sex with men.

It was sex.

Apparently this isn’t so uncommon among the English upper classes.  After menage a trois on some occasions it was less of a thing without a woman, though of course a certain type of woman is fun to do these things with over other women.

It would not work between me and my wife and others.  Just the way it goes.  I am glad to be as well married as I am and there is no price for fidelity.  You can live your life as you wish.  I was single from the end of the divorce till married, Committed. 15 years later, so while I had what I call Temporary wives, the commitment was not made and there were some difficult lonely times, or great okay times or to say I went with the flow considering Safety First.

It is true of me that I did not go to LA maybe when I ought have for my career, preferring to stay on the East Coast, because temptations don’t show up as regularly in the East.  I did live around the corner from La Trapeze, the sex club that the UN dominates on Wednesday nights, or did when I lived there into 1991.  It was tempting but you can’t drink and its 85 for a couple, or was, and I didn’t have the money anyway.

My girlfriend had friends that went there.  She told me some of what the people who went were like.  The place has a great reputation.  I have theorized that for UN business if they are there naked fucking I could watch and talk politics.

Far as Intendors, the instruments, there is a playlist on Transcendian of my youtube channel that shows recent or older models being played or built.  The recent Car Episode of Movie Quest used soundtrack from music made with Intendor Tm #15.


Intendors TM

Intendors are the fretless 6 string bass guitars I have made using pinpegspickups piezo cables and piezo tape.

I had started out aiming to make an electric harmonica, but that didn’t work out.

There is a fine electric harmonica that employs optical pickups that don’t distort, and I’d buy one if I had 250 dollars extra, like really extra.

The fretless bass guitars I’ve made have been very empowering, as I made them so I can play them any way I want.

Further people respond to guitars, so as I aim for the currency of fame, the instruments work well for me as props when I perform.

The goal is to prevent the apocalyptic riot.  I am Russell Scott Day, Founder of Transcendia, view Transcendia.org